Eczema Causes

The most common eczema causes you should know aboutAs you may know, eczema is a condition which can cause your skin to become very red. This is accompanied by a dry, cracked, and often very itchy feel. It is one of the most common skin complaints out there. However unlike many others it is not chronic. Most people may have just one or two flare-ups and it won’t appear again. It is normally a condition which disappears after childhood although there are plenty of adults out there who are currently dealing with this condition. On this page I want to take a little look at the various eczema causes and triggers.

What Are The Most Common Eczema Causes?

Now, unlike many other conditions out there you will not find a single cause of eczema. In fact, there are a number of things which can have an impact on whether the condition occurs or not. This includes:

  • Perhaps the most common reason for eczema, particularly atopic eczema which is without a doubt the most common form of eczema is genetics. It you have blood relatives who have suffered from this condition then there is a pretty high chance that you will end up doing so too. In fact, if you have a parent with the conditions then there is a 60% chance you will end up with it too.
  • Your environment can have a major impact on eczema. This includes allergens in the air, cold weather, certain soaps, the type of clothing that you wear etc. However, it is likely that if the environment is going to play a role then you will have most likely be genetically predisposed to the condition.

I now wish to run you briefly through the various triggers which can lead to the condition. It is worth noting that these triggers are NOT a cause of eczema. They are however something which can lead to the condition become slightly worse. If you can avoid these triggers (not all of them can be avoided) then there is chance that you will be able to keep the condition at bay for long periods of time:

  • Hormonal Changes in Women: As you may know, there are a number of chemicals in your body known as ‘hormones’. At certain points of a woman’s life the level of these hormones in the body can become somewhat unbalanced. This can lead to outbreaks of eczema. Those who are predisposed to the condition may find that their symptoms are a little worse as they are going through their period. Women will almost certainly have some sort of flare-up during pregnancy or even menopause.
  • Stress: This is one of the stranger triggers on this list. This is because whilst we know stress DOES have an impact on the condition, we don’t actually know why it actually occurs. If you wish to quell those symptoms then you really should start looking into ways in which you can manage the stress in your body. It will lead to a far healthier life…even beyond the symptoms of eczema.
  • Many people who exercise to the point in which they are covered in sweat will find that the symptoms worsen for a period of time after. It is believed that the sweat irritates the skin a little. Many people will find that their symptoms improve if they take regular breaks throughout exercise and try to keep as many fluids in their system as possible. And don’t forget to use all natural eczema shampoo.

Certain soaps and detergents are known to trigger eczema in a few peopleIn addition to this, there are a number of things that can irritate the skin to the point of causing the condition to worsen. I want to highlight each of these individually. It is worth noting that what may impact one person may not necessarily impact somebody else. It is therefore your job to work out which is going to be the things that you absolutely MUST avoid:

  • Certain soaps and detergents are known to trigger eczema in a few people. You will want to not only choose the items that you wash your body and hair in carefully, but you will also want to make sure that you choose the items that you clean your clothes in well too.
  • Some people may be sensitive to certain types of fabric. It is wool and nylon which tend to have the most impact on people.
  • If you are too hot then you are putting yourself at a massive risk of dealing with the condition.
  • Cold and dry outside? Well, this is again likely to cause a flare-up in people.
  • An unclean house which is filled with dust is likely to be a trigger in most people.
  • Pets. Many people find that pets that are unfamiliar to them tend to be the most likely to cause a flare up in somebody.

Other people may find that one of the following has an impact on their condition:

  • If you have certain items touch your skin. Many people are sensitive to perfume. Others may be sensitive to latex, something which is commonly used to create rubber gloves.
  • Pollution in the environment, whether it is drinking hard water, air pollution from living in a city, or even cigarette smoke.
  • Many people will find that their symptoms are better at some times of the year than others. This is often attributed to a change in the seasons.

Many people may actually discover that they have triggers that I have not actually listed here. This should cover the vast majority of bases though. Remember; if you learn how to spot what your triggers are when it comes to eczema and try to the best of your ability to avoid putting yourself in a position where the trigger may occur then you stand a FAR better chance of actually being able to keep those symptoms at bay. This means that it will be less likely that you have to put up with this incredibly uncomfortable condition. You would also not need to spend tons of cash on both medical and natural treatment options.

In Conclusion

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